Citizens Take A Stand At A & P Meeting

Court-GavelA man and his gavel is still just a man, even if  your Peter Martin who is banging his gavel while trying to control and dictate those that care about Hardy, Ar. Once again, a meeting of the A&P was unable to proceed with its true purpose, which is  to approve  a proper budget and make decision to promote Hardy, AR. because of this one man, Peter Martin.

Instead of moving forward with planning and focus he chose to continue to be angry that the Mayor was removed as a A & P member by a legal vote of the city Alderman.

His actions alone at the meeting should be enough to have him removed from this position. He even attempted to have the director of the Main Street Of Hardy, Inc, a Main Street program removed by police officers at one point. Luckily the CITIZENS in attendance stood up and said, NO to such childish behavior.

Now, Mr Martin appears to have filed suit in court over two of our elected Alderman who were approved and appointed to the A & P commission. He continues to act out like a small child having a tantrum instead of doing his proper job.

Let’s hope the citizens continue to stand up, speak out, and fight for the rights of those that were voted by them to serve them and do what is best for Hardy, AR.