Contact City Hall

Please use the form below to send a direct question or comment to city hall and the Mayor. This form sends to the stated official City of Hardy email per the county and municipality website.

Just click this email below and it  should open up your own email program. You will then be able to email city hall directly.

Effective Jan. 17th the Mayor of Hardy announced through email that this below listed email is NO LONGER FOR CITY OF HARDY business, it will continue to be her personal email! We will report back once we learn of a new business email. We are sorry for our city stepping back in time.

The newly announced official EMAIL FOR HARDY, AR



If you have problems getting your email answered by City Hall we suggest you then try to

Call Them Directly at:  870-856-3811

Mail: P.O. Box 5, Hardy AR, 72542.


Click HERE

(Takes you to the City website contact page but it currently does not let you ask specific questions. We currently suggest you just call)