Following Procedure But No Response From City Hall

Rules, regulations, policy, procedure are all important in order for a government to function properly. It is when the system fails to operate under said rules that it then becomes impossible for those that care to try to offer ideas, input, help for the good of the community.  In the past FOHA has been called a “Liability to our tourist trade as well as the community” individually we have been told we are “dragging down” programs. We have been called “adversary” that we have a “cruel, spiteful nature” “trash talking” and personally compared to a “hit and run driver leaving devastation in its path” all from the Mayor of Hardy.

Yet, our rights as Americans to question the actions of our elected officials is something each and everyone of us needs to remember is something that those that try to STOP it are usually the ones that have the most to hide! What is the fear of listening, working together and having input from others? We have been told that the Mayor does not have to answer to us, but in reality as a elected official, by the people, it would seem prudent to learn to listen, invite, respect and care for those around you.

Now, here we are once again, trying to move forward with positive actions. Actions in regards to things that should have been done already by the local government, yet we can not get any formal response to our request. In the past we have offered to donate our time, our services, and monies to help but only to fall on deaf ears from CITY HALL! As we seem to once again be doing. However, this time, we will NOT STOP, we will push forward following the proper process and procedures and will do what is needed and right for Hardy, Arkansas. As stated so well by John Boehner so very eloquently:

What they want is a government that is honest, accountable and responsive to their needs. A government that respects individual liberty, honors our heritage, and bows before the public it serves.- John Boehner Speaker Of The House

We will be heard, we will have a accountable government and we will succeed regardless of those that try to put up roadblock at every turn. Friends of Hardy Arkansas plans to be at the next City Council meeting on May 7th, we have requested through email, and fax to be put on the agenda and requested confirmation to this with no response. We will attend and we plan to present a gift of signage for the (8) empty poles that have been left empty for well over 975 days and counting. All we are asking is for permission and authorization to put these up at NO COST to the City of Hardy.

City Hall, are you listening? Are you reading this post? Do you care? WE DO !  We will see you on May 7th.  GOD BLESS AMERICA !!


2 Responses to Following Procedure But No Response From City Hall

  • Citizen says:

    Seems this is a ongoing problem with those in charge at the City level. In the current world of technology, it seems it could and should be a simple task to get a response, even a automatic email response would do nicely.

    I hope someone starts to listen and do the right thing sooner than later!

  • hal says:

    I find it interesting that the Mayor chose to completely ignore putting my name on the Agenda. Especially since all the correspondence only had my name on it! Why would the Mayor take it upon herself to put a different name to represent the Friends Of Hardy Arkansas.. I am a friend of Hardy and made the request in a fax and email.

    I find it UNPROFESSIONAL and a total lack of her duties to no0t put my name on the agenda! No problem, this will be discussed at the council meeting to clarify this omission!