Mayor Pays Herself For Volunteer Work

do not stealHave you ever been asked or even offered to “volunteer” for something? We would assume its common knowledge that when you volunteer, your offering to do something for FREE!. Well it appears that if you work for the City Of Hardy, some who volunteer actually get PAID for the work.

Our city Mayor and even her family members have regularly over the years received payments for volunteer work. This was verified during a audit of the financials of the City of Hardy. Once again, rules and procedure have simply been ignored under the guide of ignorance by our Mayor who simply apologized to the city alderman at the Sept. 1, 2015 meeting.

It was kind that our Alderman voted to basically turn a blind eye and give the Mayor a pass, or what could be called a free “get out of jail card” for this incident.  Forgiveness is one thing, but at what cost to our trust?

What lessons does this teach those watching? That you can take funds without authority, pay yourself and others and have no consequences for your actions. Let’s hope the ethics committee will be more stern when they get a chance to review these actions and rule on them.

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