Mayor Veto’s Again!

fightingOnce again the Mayor of Hardy has used her VETO power to hold back progress! In a vote by the city council at the last meeting on May 7th. At the end of the NO vote which effectively removed two of the current  A&P commissioners from their seats due to illegal procedure in the past of failing to get City Council approval.

The Mayor stated

“Well why fight about it?  Why not just get rid of A and  P Committee all together?” Mayor Thornton responded.

The motion to reappoint Martin and Gilliland  failed with four “no” votes, one “yes” and one “abstain.”  After the vote took place, Mayor Thornton said,

in her opinion, despite the vote the two were still on the A and P.

Maddox said the vote put the two off the commission. However, it does now appear that the Mayor verified that she did use her POWER to VETO. Thus nothing appears to be moving forward as the TOURIST SEASON QUICKLY APPROACHES.

The City Council was duly elected by the people to be the voice of the people to do what is best for Hardy, Ar., yet the Mayor continues to abuse her power to attempt to “dictate” her views over those of the people.

Great work MAYOR !!!   NOT !!!!!

All that is happening is once again NOTHING. A stagnated A&P right at the most important time of the year. If everyone would just realize that the all the energy used to fight about being on or off the commission only hurts it more. Grow up and stop acting like spoiled children.

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  • admin says:

    I have never witnessed such childish behavior then the actions of our Mayor and her attempts to remain in control of “everything”. The facts speak for themselves…FAILURE.