New City Alderman – Greg Bess

gregbessaldermanWe are happy to announce that a new alderman was appointed on Aug. 19, at the Hardy City Council meeting to fill the vacant position left from the resignation of Council member Amy Hussung. Greg Bess who is the owner of Words Afterwords in Hardy, was chosen from among three candidates who had applied for the position.

 Greg Bess was sworn in by Hardy Mayor Nina Thornton afterwards, Bess was seated and was able to begin serving on the council immediately. Bess said he is happy to serve the city of Hardy as a council member. “I sought political office for a couple years and so I was happy to finally get to be able to contribute on the council, but at the same time, I know there is a lot of work to be done and we are in a planning phase so I’m looking forward to it.”

The council passed the first reading of ordinance 2013 – 2, an ordinance setting the fee for a water tap plus costs involved for any additional work. The ordinance would increase the fee for installing a tap should the installation require work outside of what is normally required. Once the ordinance is passed the fee for tapping a water line for service to a resident or business customer inside the city limits will be $350 plus actual cost of any additional work including but not limited to road bores, street cutting or extra deep trenching. Any tap larger than three quarters of an inch will be actual cost to the city plus the additional costs of road bores, street cutting or extra deep trenching.

The need for a city attorney was brought up once again by Alderman Liane Maddox who petitioned the council to consider approaching John Able to serve as city attorney. Council added an extra $1,000 to the original allotted amount of $2,500 making for a total of $3,500 to offer Able as a retainer for his services beginning Sept. 1, through Dec. 31. More information will be available at the next Hardy City Council meeting. Alderman Dale Maddox proposed a resolution to change control of the appointed members with ability to sign checks for the Hardy Advertising and Promotion Commission. According to the resolution, Mayor Thornton and Billy Gilbreath would be replaced by Dale Maddox and Alderman Vickie Rice. City Treasurer Carolyn Groves would retain her authority to sign. The resolution was passed.

The issue of Health Insurance for the Mayor and her family was brought up for discussion, but the Mayor quickly shut that down by speaking out of order  which apparently worked because it appeared to cause the issue getting a second motion by her actions. This issue was decided to be brought up in the budget meetings in the future.

One final issue covered by council was the possibility of moving the placement of some of the city trash cans to make them more user accessible. Council discussed putting them in more strategic locations such as on Main Street in downtown Hardy in hopes that changing the placement would help reduce trash on the street. Bess spoke with the gallery during the council comment portion of the meeting stating that he will have an open door policy. “I appreciate the opportunity to serve and I serve the will of the people. My door is open and so is my phone,” he said. “If I’m not doing the job you think I should be doing I would love to hear about it and if I am than I’d like to hear that also.”

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    Mayor, Mayor on the wall, when you going to stop being a BULLY and SPEAKING OUT OF ORDER at city council meetings? Do us all a favor and learn to follow Roberts Rules Of Order and move the meeting forward without your interruptions!!!! Everyone would appreciate that very much!